20 Sept 2010

Peony Left, Rowan Right

The "Blog-of-the-moment" has to be theirs and they can write... Love it oxo >> PhotographingRealPeople.blogspot.com


Verity Jones said...

Oh my God, I love both of these girls!
How can neither of them have a job in the fashion industry yet!? Someone needs to snap them up!
Both outfits are so different, but individually amazing. Well crafted and well thought out - perfection.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me for which site they are blogging. I couldn't understand it.
Thanks and greetings from Austria,

Verity Jones said...

I love love love these girls!
I have been following their blog through LFW - amazing.
How have neither of them got a job in fashion!? Someone needs to snap them up sharpish!
Beautiful outfits on two beautiful girls - so well put together and thought out, as have all of their LFW costumes been. I watch with baited breath each day to see what they come up with next!
Watch and learn ladies.

The StyleScout LDN said...


Fashion Geek chronicles said...

its fashion baybeeeeeeeee


ELLE said...

Haha I really love how you ask your subjects questions- so enthusiastic! Hope I bump into your cam at fashion week!

escalante blogger said...

Very lovely ladies. They look so cool, so attractive and gorgeous.