1 Jan 2012

Sunday, 1 2012...

A fresh start and it feels like a good year coming with lots of creativity in the air here in London, which has a great So Money feel this year.. We've got the Olympics, London2012.com

The weather was mild in Brixton where I spent last night and on the street the Rastas wishing each other and me ""One Love" "Xx.

Wishing You All A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year... Robert StyleScout LDN


Mat said...

happy new year to you too

Evie Stoneman said...

I'm pretty much an amateur blogger, but this is such a cool blog, I was wondering if I could interview you and the blog? I'm aspiring to be a writer of some sort when I'm older and would like to keep up with interview :) I don't mind if you say no :)

Evie Stoneman.

Cushh said...

Gorgeous! Love the blue jeans and beige belt. So clean and simple!

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